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Carin Verbruggen&Ferry Drenthem Soesman

At the tender age of 14, Carin Verbruggen picked up a camera for the first time, and instantly fell in love with photography as a medium. It was obvious that this was her tool to express herself and to show her view of the world. After graduating from KABK (the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague) Carin started out as an assistant to established photographers like Miep Jukkema, Roger Neve and Willem Odendaal. Soon after, she started working for magazines like Elle and Marie Claire and companies like Citroen and Canon, working with renowed Dutch stylists like Bonnie Orleans Voss and Maarten Spruyt. Ferry Drenthem Soesman’s love for music, film, photography and fashion initially led him to be a light and sound technician for NDT (the Netherlands Dance Theatre) in The Hague. Although he loved the art of dance and his job, this wasn’t his final destination. He decided to follow his own creative ambition. In 1996 Carin & Ferry not only became lovers but also partners, taking full advantage of their different backgrounds. Ever since, their work field has expanded worldwide, they can be found shooting not only in Europe but also in places like Morrocco, Moskou, South Africa and the US. Their work has been published and used for fashion and lifestyle magazines, album covers, advertisements, websites, exhibitions and books worldwide, and they collaborated with Porsche, Elle, Vogue, Esquire, Coca Cola, Martin Garrix and Usher Raymond, just to name a few. In recent years, they increasingly developed their own, personal work. In this work the pursuit of beauty seems to prevail, but it is the underlying vulnerability captured in the images that gives their images a mysterious power.